Monday, March 3, 2008

Snow & Tulips...

"I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it" - Charles Schulz

I couldn't get my head around doing a post this weekend, my mind was really all over the place for a lot of reasons..
Look at my babies! My tulips are showing little buds, quite heartening in the middle of spring in Ireland where we are having snow and hail...
As I am sitting here, it is snowing, which is quite pretty...but I have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of the cold already.Please can we have another beautiful spring day again...its so wet and gray at the moment.Well..I'll have to just keep looking at the tulips for now.

This is my garden, I tried to take a picture of the snow, but I really need a nice new camera to capture that kind of you can see, though, its all wet and slushy. I miss sitting out on my deck in the sunshine, we had it installed last summer and it was glorious out there with a glass of wine and a magazine. Roll on July!My poor little flowers and plants are also taking beating from the frost and snow.

I changed my lounge around. This chair was upstairs and I missed it in the living room, so I created my little corner again.I love it, its so cozy.
Excuse the quality of the photographs, I am so hoping to get a nice digital camera soon and then I will be experimenting with all sorts of things...It will be nice to have for the summer to capture the colours, flowers and warmth of the season.Have a great Monday! x


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting me today :-)

Hang in there....i was longing for a day that got out of the freezing zone and today it cane 55F and sunny....I was giddy with joy :-0

Have the best of weeks........Rosie

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

How are you feeling? Your chair looks great to sit and snuggle in with a good house magazine or book.
Isn't it funny how we all take photos of random things around the house on these blogs, I have a load waiting to go on mine, hubby thinks I belong to a wierd