Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lovely things and a clean spare room...

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort, " - Herm Albright

Hello everyone, I was in Avoca in Dublin as I mentioned in my previous post, and I tried these beautiful shoes and dresses on, and fell in LOVE. If I had enough credit on my visa or cash in my account, I would soooo have bought one in every colour, the shoes also came in Brown, Red, Purple...and probably a few other colours I can't quite recall.
All I do know, is the clothes in this shop are EXACTLY what I would love to wear, everyday...I simply adore them.
They are pricey - I won't lie...but really quality and they fit so well. I am going to put a bit of money away here and there, and get on that bus again to do some shopping. How often do you come across a shop that has exactly what you were looking for all along, and with prices that are not TOTALLY totally out of your.........reach?!
oh dear, I definitely have a thing for shopping and lovely things.

Below, I wanted to show you how I spruced up my spare room (all in a day, I may add) - for my friend, Lisa's visit. Sorry, there are no "before" photos, but believe me, they are not pretty!


Cottage Contessa said...

The room looks very inviting and lovely! There are quite a few things in there that I would love, like that toile lamp shade! I hope you've had a wonderful visit with your friend sweetie, and I hope you are able to get back to that beautiful clothing boutique ASAP!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Jasminé, lovely shoes and dress, I guess the thing is if you could afford to buy everything in that store would you love it as much? My favourite clothes shops are rather pricey too. Your spare room looks so sweet, I bet Lisa just loved sleeping in it - I would! Yes there are pretty villages in the UK, but Ireland is a beautiful country too, I've never been there but I'd love to visit, I will one day!
Lucy x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What an absolutely cosy and inviting room! And those clothes are LOVELY! I too would love those shoes in every colour! =)

PAT said...

Good morning, Jasmine, I came by to thank you for visiting the back porch. I hope to see you again, soon.

I love the dresses and shoes. I rarely find a shop that has exactly what I need and at a good price!

Your guest room looks so inviting and cozy! A wonderful place for your guests.


Tara said...

That room is iviting! And it is always great to share a fashion find, love the shoes!

laura said...

The room is pretty and I love the silver flats!

Oliver Rain said...

Hello. I've come to you through Amanda at Cottage Contessa. What a wonderful spare room. The clothes are beautiful as well.

julia said...

Very cosy and inviting, the perfect guest room. Love the top and shoes, I'veheard about Avoca from a friend but have never visited.
Julia x
Ps. The ball sounded like fun and the dress looked gorgeous on, fab colour!

prettyshabby said...

great quote today Jasmine, I like that one!
Pretty dresses and pumps too,It's so nice when you find a shop that's totally your kind of style and you love everything.I'm so rubbish at saving up so I now dont go clothes shopping because I just want everything and unfortunately have expensive taste!..I love Toast clothes but will only ever buy them on the online sale when they reduce them by loads!
Your guest room looks great ,we have that cowboy duvet cover and I love it,I'd never of thought to mix it with florals but it works really well!
have a good week
Sairer x