Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Kitchen

"The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure" - William Shakespeare

thank you for your comments on my previous post, I really am excited to be going on Thursday, but nervous to leave my babies, not because I think they will not be okay, but because I may not!
As I make their lunches everyday, bathe them and brush their hair, I have a method to everything and I guess I get scared that my husband is not going to do everything the way I do it...
Sound strange? I guess it is just from spending most of the time with the children and that is really my "job" - my world!It always feels strange to hand the reigns over, even if it is to my beloved hubby!!
But I shall hand the reigns over - and be CALM about it! :-)

Anyhow, I thought I would write a post about our kitchen, as I think it is my favourite room in our house. I love my stove and I like my white shelves, with all the colourful tins, plates and nik-naks.
However, I am ready for a change and a total de-clutter. Looking around my house, I really feel that there is far too much clutter...too many walls that have been left half-painted and pieces of furniture that I no longer want. I need to do a clean out...
What I would love to do, is change the kitchen cupboards to ALL glass doors, and paint the walls white.

I feel the need for simplicity, in line with the desire to simplify my thoughts and my life...I really do believe that your surroundings have a huge effect on your I want to do a lot more posts on this subject and take it room by room.


laura said...

I love your kitchen! Your stove and that tablecloth are to die for! Have a safe worries!

Maddy said...

I agree that one's surroundings affect us quite profoundly. My kitchen is what they call a 'galley' kitchen [out here] which basically means a corridor.

It's very narrow and leads to the loo and family room at one end and the rest of the house at the other end.

I often feel that I'm just the director of traffic whilst I'm there.
BEst wishes

wendster said...

Hmmmm ... it's no accident that I just happened to click on your name in Cottage Contessa's comment section ... I have been TOTALLY thinking about reducing clutter at MY house as well. It's just everywhere, and while I look at the BIG pile and say: Of course I'll toss it all, as I piece through it I think: But not THIS little thing... or THIS one .. or THIS one... and before you know it I've saved it all again. LOL.
But then I read your thought about cluttered house affects our mind and thought YES I believe that is true! So it strengthened my resolve to go through it all again and get rid of it all.

I love the photos of your house. So fun to see other people's houses around the world. Have you ever been to California? Los Angeles. But I long for simpler living. Maybe after my kids finish school.

Well ... nice to meet you! I'm Wendy.

Feel free to stop by and see me.

Looking forward to "going on your trip" with you. I'll just run pack. If I can find my suitcase.