Friday, January 18, 2008

Tips on Beating the Winter Blues

I really know what winter is since moving to Ireland...I've been here through 6 or more...and each year I realize that there are things you can do to make those winter days not seem so long or gloomy.
These are a few of my ideas to brighten up your dreary winter days!

  • Take a walk!I have discovered so many beautiful woods since moving to the east of Ireland and I am sure there are many in your area to!I wrap the kids up in their jackets,hats and wellies and off we go.Our boxer,Bella comes along too, and she loves the freedom of being outdoors. The kids collect sticks and leaves and it is so lovely to see them out in the fresh air.
  • Light a fire! I love a big, gorgeous, roaring fire on cold winter days.It is so comforting to curl up on the sofa with a book and a blanket and sit by the fire.
  • Light candles! Candles create a wonderful atmosphere in a home.Buy yourself different candle holders, look for different textures - glass, wood,beads - they will create a wonderful feeling in the home.If you have small children, you can use the top of the fireplace or shelves that are out of reach.
  • Read! Lose yourself in a good novel.Sitting on the sofa or lying in bed with a cup of tea, reading a book is such a relaxing experience. I am reading "The Memory Keepers Daughter" by Kim Edwards at the moment and will be posting a book review on it when I am finished.See for more information on this book.
  • Cook wholesome Meals! Why not try making a lovely stew?I learned to make stew by trial and error, I make it differently every time,using an assortment of meat and vegetables.I will be posting a recipe here for one of my stews!
  • Head for the coast! May sound crazy, but a walk along the beach in the crispy cold weather is invigorating and the kids will love it!Why not book a weekend, or even a night away down the coast for a well earned break.
  • Change your Decor! I have been painting furniture and re-arranging my house over the winter.It is really therapeutic and can help you get through those long winter afternoons. Try whites, creams and duck-egg blues to brighten and lighten your home when the days are darker.

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prettyshabby said...

hi Jasmine,you're right we do have similar tastes..I have the same cushion and boxes and have been hankering after that gorgeous stripey blanket by Cath Kidston for ages!!thought I would return the favour and stop by to say hello!..