Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dreaming of Paris..

Can you believe...we have not been to Paris yet? I was convinced that once we moved all the way over to Europe from South Africa, we were sure to see that city before too long...but life got the better of us,and especially since my son came along...its been crazy,financially and in other ways.
But, I am starting to see the light, he is already 5 and my daughter is 10 and I am thinking that perhaps, soon, I can take that trip I have always dreamed of.
I would love to go with the whole family, so have been scouring the internet in search of budget hotels, budget flights etc...
Its been educational to say the least...as everyone knows, Paris is very pricey.
I am determined,however, to make this my little project,even if it takes a while to organize...
You see my finances are dwindling at the moment - trying to get money together to buy a sewing machine,take a dress-making course and then I am taking the kids to see my best pal in Manchester in the summer (plus I plan on coming back with some lovely fabric etc to sew...)Does anyone else have these frequent budget dilemmas?
Oh, you can't have it all!
Being sick for the past week, I have had far too much time inside to THINK and I think that is driving me a bit loony.I need to get out, I need fresh air and I need my life to get back to some form of normality.
I've even felt too sick to blog...until now...so I'll just spend another day staring at the mounds of housework and dreaming of Paris!x


Linda said...

I hope you make it to Paris soon. It's a fabulous city.

laura said...

I love the artwork on your blog! It seems we have similar taste and the topless bellydancer is a favorite.

I've been to Paris and it was one of the best trips of my life!