Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter Blues

Do any of you lovely bloggers out there suffer from depression or the occasional bout of it...?
I have been doing some research into SAD, which is Seasonal Affective Disorder, and found some interesting facts...
SAD is far more common in the Northern Hemisphere and occurs during the months of September to January,mainly...but I believe can be quite profound in February and March when the weather is still quite dull.
Symptoms of SAD include weight gain, excessive sleeping,craving carbohydrates,lethargy,feelings of misery,low self-esteem and apathy.
Causes of Seasonal Affective disorder include light deprivation,stress and some people do just have a vulnerability towards it.

One known treatment, is to get a lightbox, which are available from electric stores and some health shops will stock them.Have a look at the website link at the end of this post - you can buy them from here and there is some more advice about SAD.
I am definitely feeling the effects of the winter blues!We bought a heater the other day which gives off quite a strong light, and that helps.
I pray for another sunny day in Ireland, soon!

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