Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fab day skating!

“As you begin to live in the present moment, you will experience a subtle but profound change. Worrying about the future will cease. A deep peace will enfold you, a peace that says, ‘All is well’. There is nothing to fear. Everything is unfolding according to plan and you are being guided each step along the way.” - Douglas Bloch

What a lot of fun!I went with a friend of mine to a new place called Supernova.They have a skating rink (not ice, wax) and a huge play area downstairs,with - very importantly - a couple of coffee spots for the tired moms!
It was really great.
Here is a picture of my little girl who was excellent at her first attempt to skate, and spent 2 hours up there having a ball.
As for my little Max,he was sliding and playing happily, while Susan and I sipped coffee and spoke, all in all a great afternoon...and now I have two sleepy souls in bed.Time for a cup of tea..hmmmm.

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